Moldova Claims Russian Coup Plot, After Government Collapse?

Recall from Feb 10/23

The question was asked..

Is Moldova getting it’s war footing ready?

Seems to me they were and the latest claim of a Russian back coup seems to solidify my suspicions

Moldova’s pro-EU President Sandu accuses Russia of coup plot

Moldova’s president has accused Russia of plotting to use foreign “saboteurs” to overthrow her pro-EU government.

Last week Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Kyiv’s intelligence service had uncovered a Russian plan to destroy Moldova.

Well if Zelensky claims this is true it simply must be 😉

She urged Moldova’s parliament to adopt laws to give the country’s Intelligence and Security Service (SIS) and prosecutors “the necessary means to fight more efficiently against national security threats”. She added that “the Kremlin’s attempts to bring violence to our country will fail”.

War footing- definitely

From the previous report- last linked article

Destabilization in Moldova incited by Russia could prompt Kyiv and its allies to deprive Moscow of all its levers of influence there once and for all by purging the self-proclaimed Transnistria republic of Russia’s military presence there.

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