Kiev May Need to Rethink Naval Strategy- Russia’s Naval Drone

This naval drone clearly, very clearly, caught Ukraine and US by surprise!

Russia attacked a key bridge in Ukraine’s Odesa region, in what is understood to be Moscow’s first use of a naval drone.

Grainy surveillance footage from Friday night showed a fast-moving object slamming into the Zatoka bridge near the strategic port city before exploding in a powerful blast.

But military analysts said the more pressing consequences would be for Ukrainian naval strategy. “Russia was not known to have these types of drones, or to think in these terms,” said HI Sutton, a defence analyst and Open Source Intelligence reporter, adding that the strike posed a “major new threat for Ukraine.

He said: “If Russia is able to use these explosive drones against Ukrainian coastal targets, but Ukraine can no longer attack Russian warships in the same way, we may see another shift in the war in the Black Sea. This time in Russia’s favour again.”

The bridge, which was targeted by Russian missile strikes early in the war, serves the rail line to Romania, which is a key conduit for Western arms supplies.

Ukraine did not acknowledge the strike until around 24 hours later when Gen Zaluzhnyi said he had shared his concerns in a call with US chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), Mark Milley. The JCS did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Independent.

Bridge before it was struck- you can see the rail lines

“It is difficult to talk about the scale of damage based on the available footage, but, apparently, the bridge supports were damaged,” Rybar reported. “This is the only railway bridge leading to the western part of the Odessa region directly through the territory of Ukraine. An alternative shortest route is the road, which runs almost 8 km through the territory of Moldova.”

If this attack was indeed carried out by a Russian unmanned surface vessel, it means Moscow has yet another method of attacking Ukrainian forces. Such weapons could also conceivably be elsewhere on the Black Sea, around Odesa as well as the port city of Ochakiv, which has come under constant Russian bombardment.

It’s even possible they could be used on the Dnipro River to attack Ukrainian positions in and around Kherson City, as well as potentially targets along the Southern Bug River, including maybe even Mykolaiv.

If this is the first use of a Russian 'kamikaze' drone boat, the big question is how are they controlled? Having line-of-sight connectivity is usually needed unless more advanced communications systems are used.

Ukraine appears to have leveraged Starlink for beyond-line-of-sight direct control capabilities for its drone boats, but having a boat navigate to the target area autonomously using a relatively simple autopilot, then handing off control to an operative nearby, is the most likely operational concept being employed. Also, where did Russia get these systems? It's close ally and weapons supplier Iran is a notorious pioneer when it comes to this niche capability.

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“Also, where did Russia get these systems?”

As if Russians would be too stupid to build drone guidance system that even mildly skilled youtubers could build. This racist undertone is so pervasive it’s remarkable.

Hey gallier2

the racist undertone is everywhere when it comes to Russia/ns.
That’s one thing I’ve definitely noticed while covering this conflict.
What’s amazing through all this is free pass the Ukrainians get. their horrible racism is ballyhooed- here in the west in particular.
And the oversized role of the Americans barely garners a mention. It seems to me that some foreign mercs may have been extricated from the front lines.. wonder who they were and exactly how many of them were present?

Hello dear Penny, I read a few years ago an interesting book by the Swiss journalist Guy Mettan “Russie-Occident – une guerre de1000 ans”. It explains clearly and with evidence where the anti-Russian propaganda has its historical roots, and the different varieties of anti-Russianism (in France, in Germany, in England and in the USA). This book is published in French. And it is a solid tool to recognize anti-Russian propaganda, because in 1000 years not much has changed in the methods to denigrate the Russian world.

Beste Grüße aus old Germany

Gallier the Elder

An observation based on what Gallier the Elder said in his comment.

In 08 when I started the original blog- I had no real understanding of these long standing, phobic anti Russian attitudes- but as time went on and I took in more information it began to get clear that there are real anti Russian attitudes embedded in some persons that, I think, affect their rational minds.

Turkey is another nation I’ve noticed this same attitude towards

Some people might say ‘ah everyone hates on America’ I don’t find that. I find too many excuses are made for America’s global abuse of other nations and their peoples.. Some kind of free pass that I can’t understand.

Example- It was the US/Britain that groomed a wider intolerance towards the middle eastern peoples in western minds

Yes these are very generalized examples because the attitudes are not demonstrated by every single individual- but enough do, allowing the myriad of wars, destablizations etc to continue on unabated.

No offence intended to anyone.

Just general observations

Indeed. BTW the book Gallier the elder recommended has been published in english and can be bought or download in ebook, audiobook and paper form:
Creating Russophobia: From the Great Religious Schism to Anti-Putin Hysteria

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