Five Reasons Why Soledar’s Liberation Is So Significant

Following up on my piece from the other day..

My observation from the above report

Interesting to observe the msm repeatedly asking why Soledar is so important to Russia? The location was clearly important to Ukraine as well. If it was a worthless as claimed by the media Ukraine would have suredly stepped back and lived to fight another day?

Bottom line the location appears to be strategically important which is why both parties to the conflict fought hard- One to gain. One to hold on. Soledar’s fall will make Bakhmut’s fall that much more likely

With Andrew Korbyko’s take on the fall of Soledar and it’s importance (excerpted- please read at link below)

1. Kiev’s Lies Were Exposed In A Single Blow

Kiev’s the side that ultimately wasted precious resources fighting an unwinnable battle, albeit for a significant town and for the sake of preserving Zelensky’s ego.

2. Wagner Is Now A Force To Be Reckoned With

There’s now no doubt that this private military company is a force to be reckoned with, much more so than any of its Western counterparts, (western mercenary forces) especially after they failed to retain control of Soledar in the face of Wagner’s successful offensive.

3.  Russia’s Liberation Offensive Will Surely Roll On

The latest on-the-ground military development coincides with Russian General Staff Army General Valery Gerasimov being designated the leader of the special operation for reasons officially related to the “increased scale of the combat missions”.

4. The Conflict Will Probably Worsen By This Spring

5. Western Perceptions Might Soon Change

The preceding four points could collectively contribute to Western perceptions about this proxy war soon changing from taking Kiev’s victory for granted like has become popular to seriously wondering whether their side in this conflict might ultimately lose.

Finally, another observation. If Soledar is still under Ukrianian control why has Ukraine already launched unsuccessful operations to take it back?

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