Covid Vaccine Increases Illness in those that are Healthy/Exercise

Continuing pathetic attempts to promote vaccination with the experimental jab despite the fact that it does not stave off severe illness and it does not stop transmission of the virus. Though it does greatly increase harm to your person! Via side effects, heart damage, GB Syndrome, Blood clots etc., etc., And according to this latest study being vaccinated increases your risk of being sick with covid even if you exercise.

The devil is always in the details. So pay particular attention to the facts….. contained within the Washington Post article- Subterfuge ignored, avoided basically tossed on the excrement heap. Where it belongs

I’ll cut to the chase of this obvious pharmedia propganda piece to give you the facts

Regular exercise could amplify the benefits of your next coronavirus vaccination or booster, even if you schedule your shot weeks or months from now, according to a new study of the effects of regular physical activity and vaccines

It could, possibly, maybe or not!

And here’s the most important bit of info

” wealth of research in the past year has shown that being active and fit substantially lowers your risk of becoming seriously ill if you develop covid. Sallis led a study, for instance, of almost 50,000 Californians who tested positive for the coronavirus before vaccines were available. Those who had regularly walked or otherwise worked out before falling ill were about half as likely to need hospitalization as sedentary people.”

Let’s review that information? Prior to the mass jabbing people who regularly walked or worked out were half as likely to need hospitalization compared to sedentary people.- Exercise reduced hospitalization likelihood by about 50%.

“Half as likely” = 50%

After multiple jabs with the experimental but highly profitable “vaccination” the information from the Washington Post article as follows;

“In more concrete terms, their vaccines protected them about 25 percent better than the same shots in sedentary people.”

Clearly being vaccinated despite regular exercise increased your odds of becoming ill by 25 %. Prior to the jabs those that exercised were 50 percent less likely, according to the information provided by Washington Post, to become seriously ill. After the jab that number fell to 25%. Which means you have an increased risk of becoming severely ill with jab, in spite of your exercise practice This reality is unsurprising considering the ADE known about, but never mentioned, that occur with this vaccine.

Here’s yet another study, from 2020, linking regular exercise as a tool to help the immune system stave of Covid- NO JAB REQUIRED

Physical exercise as a tool to help the immune system against COVID-19: an integrative review of the current literature

Moderate-intensity physical exercises stimulate cellular immunity..

During the practice of physical exercise, the activation of the muscle fiber is responsible for increasing the release of calcium (Ca2 +) and, therefore, promoting the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines, namely TNF-α and IL-1β, which act in the regulation of selectins, which, in turn, attract neutrophils to the site [21]. The neutrophilia induced by physical activity is due to the release of neutrophils from the bone marrow due to the influence of cortisol [22].

After aerobic physical exercise (approximately 24 h), there is a significant reduction in neutrophil chemotaxis, however, without compromising bactericidal activity. The reduction in neutrophil chemotaxis is reversed within 48 h after physical activity, during which the opportunistic activity of infectious microorganisms can occur [23].


Physical activity is also responsible for increasing the concentration of circulating leukocytes [24]. This is due to shearing of immune cells in blood vessels, especially secondary lymphoid tissues such as liver, spleen and lung [25]. The leukocyte concentration remains high with a peak of 30–120 min after constant physical activity, which may persist for up to 24 h after [24].

Don’t be a couch potato- get moving. The benefits are immense- No toxic jab required.

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Hi Penny:

The contracts that the Pharmaceutical corporations signed with the government are still confidential. Why is that? Some pundits believe it’s because there are clauses in the contract that relate to “forcing” the jabs on the population. Sure to shock some but NOT surprise others…particularly those who’ve observed JFTrudeau bullying the population to get vaxxxZed over the past two+ years.

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