Jordan bound Ukrainian cargo plane carrying weapons crashes in Greece

A Jordan bound Ukrainian cargo plane crashes in Greece. Let that information settle while you consider the reality that an unknown quantity of weaponry exported into Ukraine by NATO nations has likely ended up elsewhere.

This has been acknowledged while being denied. Personally speaking I’ve no doubt weapons smuggling is taking place. Surely such a highly profitable operation is well worth the potential risk.

Financial Times: Nato and EU sound alarm over risk of Ukraine weapons smuggling

Nato and EU states are pushing for better tracking of weapons supplied to Ukraine in response to fears that criminal groups are smuggling them out of the country and on to Europe’s black market.

“All these weapons land in southern Poland, get shipped to the border and then are just divided up into vehicles to cross: trucks, vans, sometimes private cars,” said one of the western officials. “And from that moment we go blank on their location and we have no idea where they go, where they are used or even if they stay in the country.”

The potential for US weapons sent to Ukraine to fall into the wrong hands is “among a host of considerations” given the “challenging situation” on the ground in the country, said Bonnie Denise Jenkins, US under secretary for arms control and international security, on Tuesday.

Jordan bound Ukrainian Cargo Plane filled with weapons crashes.

An Antonov cargo plane operated by a Ukrainian airline crashed Saturday near the city of Kavala in northern Greece, killing all eight crew members on board, authorities said.

Local residents reported seeing a fireball and hearing explosions for two hours after the crash.

Greek Civil Aviation authorities said the flight was heading from Serbia to Jordan. The An-12 — a Soviet-built turboprop aircraft — was operated by the Ukranian cargo carrier Meridian.

As a precaution because of a strong smell emanating from the crash site, a coordinating committee made up of municipal, police and fire service officials told inhabitants of the two localities closest to the crash site to keep their windows shut all night, not to leave their homes and to wear masks.

Authorities say they were concerned that there were dangerous chemicals on the plane, including those contained in batteries.

Firefighters are seen near the site of a plane crash, a few miles away from the city of Kavala, 16 July 2022  

Explosions continued for hours, say residents

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority said the pilot managed to issue an alert about a problem in one of the plane’s engines, and he was given the choice of landing in either the Thessaloniki or Kavala airports. He opted for Kavala, which was closer, saying that he had to make an emergency landing.

Communication with the plane ceased almost immediately afterwards. The plane crashed about 40 kilometres west of the airport.

We were hearing explosions until a few minutes ago,” Filippos Anastassiadis, mayor of the municipality of Paggaio, told AP a little over an hour after the accident. “I am about 300 meters from the site of the crash.”

One of Anastassiadis’ deputies told state broadcaster ERT that explosions were heard for two hours following the crash.

Locals reported seeing a fireball and a plume of smoke before the crash.

ERT reported that army and explosive experts were en route to the site, located on farmland close to two villages that are part of the Paggaio municipality, but they are not expected to start working before dawn. Experts from Greece’s Atomic Energy Commission will join them.

Flight Path of Meridian flight MEM3032

Looks like the plane turned around/turned back in order to attempt the landing in Greece.

Link & image

DW– There is video footage at DW as well

It’s claimed final destination was Bangladesh? Was that where the arms were going? Or could they have been off loaded in Jordan- Easily transferred into Syria from that locale.

Keeping in mind we have the Al Tanf US Military base- conveniently located at the Jordan, Syria, Iraq border—Housing many terrorist fighters.

Nearby is the Rukban refugee camp- Already a Captagon smuggling haven- Can easily move weapons as needed.

“A specialist Greek military army unit that looks for nuclear, biological and chemical substances was expected to comb the site. The fire service has cordoned the area off at a radius of about 400 meters around the crash site.”

Last link

ERT reported that it was a Ukrainian aircraft, which according to villagers was already in flames before it crashed. The aircraft was still burning, according to live footage broadcast on state television.

One firefighter told reporters at the scene: “You need to go away for your safety. There is information that the aircraft was carrying ammunition.”

Anastassiadis told Open TV: “The aircraft crashed around two kilometres away from an inhabited area.”

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Hey GC

Speaking of planning wars/destablizations ahead.
If these arms were headed for Bangladesh might signal an attempt to destabilize India?

Did you know that ISIS/L has allegedly been active in Bangladesh since 2015?

“The flow of Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar has been targeted for recruitment by ISIL when the refugees enter Bangladesh.”

If the arms were headed to Jordan, then you got options galore
Possibly heading towards that John Bolton ‘democratization’ goal for Turkey

Yes… I don’t see how

The USA is already openly arming the SDF and thus the YPG and PKK. I don’t see how this affects Turkiye any more than it has.

Disturbing India would only give China advantage.

Kurdistan region in Iraq seems to be working with Turkiye.
Rest of Iraq seems to be under Iran proxy, its weird. I stopped following what is going on there for a while tbh.

Iraq is also still a mess. Syria perhaps, but the rebel momentum has really died down there, no idea what’s going on there.

This might just have been a regular transport that went wrong. I am certain these kinds of cargo are continuously happening.

I mean sure, I wouldn’t be surprised. But for now it seems like a normal arms cargo gone wrong to me

Hmm, I have a small update.

Its only some snippets from live conflict map. But apparently, Northern Iraq Kurdistan region is going to start building a pipeline to turkey, and after this announcement the Iranian aligned militia fired rocket on oil installations in the KRG.

Maybe that one is a possible customer Iran or Iranian aligned militias .
But than again, this snippet is as good as hearsay.

Hey Kaz,
Thought there was already a pipeline from Northern Iraq into Turkey..
Not sure if it’s running at this point in time.
This was how ISIS/PKK smuggled oil out of Syria

I looked at bit further, but information seems to be scarce.

I think they want to increase exports trough turkey, but at the same time there a dispute going between iraq central government and krq oil independence and with turkiye with regards to water.

Additional pipeline to increase export probably.

And as far as I know. The oil held by SDF in Syria is exported trough Syria Assad itself.

i.i.r.c krg and sdf are on bad terms. also iran by using militia and iraq central is not letting it export trough iraq kurdistan.

I mean its a chaotic situation and good information is hard to find. This is the best sense I can make out of it atm.

Hey Kaz
I’ve information at my censored blog on the pipeline from Iraq through to Turkey
It’s the Kirkuk Ceyhan pipeline-

there is a pipeline that taps into that.. known as the Kurdistan pipeline

“In 2013, the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq completed a pipeline from the Taq Taq field through Khurmala (the northwest sector dome of the greater Kirkuk field) and Dahuk to Pesh Khabur (Fesh Khabur) on the Turkey-Iraq border, where it is connected to the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline.”

This is the pipeline that Kurds/ISIS were smuggling Syrian oil onto- shipped to Israel

My understanding on the oil smuggled out of Syria is not done with the blessing of Damascus- Assad government has protested this smuggling time and time again because it denies Syria desperately needed revenue.

Penny, I don’t know about that.

When Turkiye announced its next operation into Syria(SDF) and the USA/Russia backing off from defending them. Its the Syrian assad troops now stationing at the borders to protect the SDF from Turkish incursion.

Or its just a convoluted. My enemy(Turkiye/FSA) which is also the enemy(Turkiye/FSA) of my enemy(SDF) is a friend, because the second enemy(SDF) is easier to push out than Turkiye.

I am aware of the pipeline, but apparently it is not enough for the exports they want to reach.

But this entire oil smuggling operation, makes me wonder. How is the entire route setup.

If this is the Chuckyman I think it could be- wow
you’ve been quiet for too long
good to see you out and about – on line

Yes, Ukrainian corruption is a really serious issue so I get the sentiment behind the comment

Hi Penny. Guilty as charged. I couldn’t keep my big gob closed for ever.

I see the axe of censorship took out your previous place. I thought you were gone for good. Delighted to see you’re still giving a keen eye on events. You were the first to call out the importance of the Syrian conflict.

As always blame Putin. Since he decided to clean out the nazi nest in orcland I have been pointing out all the NATO cheerleaders’ BS. Thought it bad manners to do so on other people’s blogs so I dusted off the old place.

I literally found out about this new place this morning in a link on Aangirfan’s place. I hope you don’t mind me calling by?

Yah Chuckman:
I lost my blog to Google’s censorship nearly a year ago- I tried and tried to ‘protest’ or contest their decision- No response. Ever.
I tried a wordpress freebie, but, didn’t want to take a chance on losing another huge info resource
I bit the bullet and pay for this place myself- We’ll see if I can stand after Canada pushes through C-11
(the internet censorship bill)
It’s become a real tyranny here in Canada- worse than ever!
I absolutely do not mind you calling by here! I was so pleased when your name appeared after all this time.

So many of us have been censored, deleted and have gone mia it’s nice to know those of us that started out together so many years ago can reconnect 🙂
I’m thrilled to have you come by and when I have more time I’ll link you at the bottom where external links are-
take care Chuckyman!

Don’t forget the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, I could picture Stingers and Javelins falling to their hands.

White nationalists are the new Muslim jihadists. Gone are the Muslim terror attacks just white guys doing terror killings now. What happened to all the Allah Akbar screaming terrorists? See the pattern?

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