Another day. Another vaxxed Cruise Ship. Another Covid Outbreak: Israel’s 5th wave?

Ready to face the reality. The truth. That the vaccines were never going to end this? No matter how many jabs you take?

Scientists Debate How Much to LOWER THE BAR on Covid-19 Vaccine Potential- Disconcerting

Here we go again and again and again..

The Independent

A total of 48 passengers tested positive on the cruise ship Symphony of the Seas when it docked in Miami on Saturday, reported operator Royal Caribbean.

All holidaymakers aged 12 and above must be fully vaccinated to board its ships, and must test negative before departure.

However, passengers James Johnson and Connor O’Dell told the Miami Herald that they weren’t convinced by Royal Caribbean’s health and safety policies onboard the Symphony cruise, after two members of their party tested positive.

Two members of their party- surely double vaxxed. Maybe even triple vaxxed ?

In August, 27 people – 26 of them crew – tested positive for Covid aboard a Carnival cruise ship docked in Belize.

Meanwhile, two passengers aboard the Celebrity Millennium tested positive partway through a cruise in June.

There was one earlier this month as well- fully vaxxed

A Norwegian Cruise Line ship that disembarked in New Orleans on Sunday has reported 17 cases of COVID-19 among passengers and crew members.

What’s the definition of insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Israel’s onto it’s 5th wave- Pushing a 4th jab for seniors. To what end? Other then pharma profiteering.

How many jabs does it take before the jabber and jabbee both say – ENOUGH!

Has Israel gone overboard fighting COVID-19? – editorial

Even though most experts now say that the Omicron variant may be highly contagious but it is also far less severe than originally feared, the government seems to be escalating its war.

The move prompts us to wonder whether the government, which has now exceeded six months in office, has not gone overboard. Even though most experts now say that the South African variant may be highly contagious but it is also far less severe than originally feared, the government seems to be escalating its war against Omicron.

Before he became prime minister, Bennett stated that Israelis must learn to live with COVID-19 and he firmly opposed closing up the economy and Israel’s borders. It is time now for Bennett to flex his muscles and show true leadership.

What happened to follow the science? Oh, yah, that was a meme to push acceptance of mass testing onto unsuspecting lab animals aka human beings

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Penny, contrary to what we might think. This will be only be the beginning I fear.

from the information I gathered now. Is that this variant seems to pop out from a branch which dates back to previous year 2020 June.

So this can either mean 2 things. Either they were ignorant of the existence of this branch. Or its a gain of function. You can probably see where this is going.

What is to determine that this variant is the only one which will suddenly pop into existence.

From this point its purely speculative, and somewhat inspired from the movie “V for Vendetta (2005)” . What is to say that there is not another variant somewhere in the freezer to be put out at an later date.

If that branch of possibility is the foreseeable reality. And Omicron is really mild. When the general population including the vaccinated are becoming restless from those who are restricting their lives. Than…………. It would not look good.

Does this look like scaremongering, maybe. perhaps, most likely. But desperation is a very powerful emotion. Brings out the worst of the people. If only they had listened they say, than none of this would have happened. And will force the people to submit by fear and than… I don’t want to assemble the words for which might come next.

Interesting analysis Kaz.
Desperation is a very powerful emotion, coupled with fear…

My hope is that people are just getting tired of this and will simply ignore the entire process of fear mongering.
I’ve noticed a big difference in people while out and about this last little while vs last year at this same time. I find more people are making eye contact and chatting more.
It gives me hope

I personally have no problem with as many Israeli jews taking as many jabs as they can stick in their craws. The more, the better.

But I also suggest that Bourla and co know which lots are the kill-lots and none of those are being rammed into Israeli jews, as they are in certain western countries. (Not that a supremacist jew really cares if they have residual deaths among lesser jews, as was the case in the 1940’s).

As for this gentile, I will NEVER get one of these jabs.

I don’t think the supremacist of any sort cares about the lesser among them.
“As for this gentile, I will NEVER get one of these jabs.”

I’m with you!!!

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